July 19, 2019

Special Project

This fully volunteered sub-committee will work on implementing a system that will help manage various aspects of ALMA. The features of this management system include: 

  • Self-managed membership portal with payment gateway
  • Membership communication tool
  • Financial management system
  • Record Keeping System
  • ACEP Management System

This project will be delivered in multiple stages. Once the first stage is implemented, the system will enable members to self-manage their membership related matters, and allow for efficient management of record keeping and reporting of financial affairs.

Special Project subcommittee

  1. Nilam Mohamed  
  2. Dr. Fazeel Jaleel 
  3. Ameer Faizal 
  4. Dr. Alisabri Haniffa  
  5. Ahamad Idrees  
  6. Atham Bawa