Public Relation Representatives

ALMA EXCO has appointed Haji Abdul Gafoor as the head of Public Relations.  Haji. Abdul Gafoor is a long serving member of the ALMA community.    Over the last 25 years he has gained valuable experience and  skills maintaining very good relationship with the local council, various members of Parliament, Other Islamic Organizations and Organizations of other faiths etc.   ALMA EXCO find Br. Gafoor’s skills  are very valuable to our community to maintain good relationship with the above stated organizations. 

ALMA EXCO has appointed Br. Afnan Fazli as the Deputy Public Relations Officer to Haji Abdul Gafoor.   Br. Afnan is currently serving in ALMA EXCO as a committee member, and was the former Head of Youth Committee over the last four years.   ALMA EXCO hope the Br. Afnan’s current experience coupled with the experience that he will gain with Br. Gafoor in Public Relations will make him a great asset to the ALMA community.