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Consultative Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCO) of Austra Lanka Muslim Association (ALMA) is pleased to announce the establishment of ALMA Consultative Committee (ACC) and the appointment of its members. The ACC is a new concept within ALMA to engage its members with diverse views and experiences.  

ACC will operate as a subcommittee and its role will be exclusively on a consultative capacity, when consultation is requested on matters that the ALMA EXCO deems necessary. This committee would avail ALMA EXCO the opportunity to harness diverse opinions from ACC members, who primarily reflect a broader representation of our larger community.

To this end, we invited several members of our community to join the committee and the majority of them welcomed the initiative and accepted our invitation. 

Following members have been appointed as part of the ALMA Consultative Committee



  1. Dr Ahamed Zawab
  2. Ameer Faizal
  3. Faazel Muhseen
  4. Fazal Bawa
  5. Feroze Razik
  6. Mageeid Mohamed
  7. Dr Mohamed Anzar 
  8. Mohideen Abdul Gafoor
  9. Musabbir Hassan
  10. Rizvi Fareed
  11. Rumey Jiffrey


  1. Mohamed Fazli
  2. Mohamed Nilam
  3. Rafi Mubarak