ALMA Community Education Program (ACEP) Subcommittee (2020/2022)

ALMA Community Education Program (ACEP) provides a good foundation to the next generation of our community and equip them with Islamic identity as well as inculcating ethnic and cultural values when facing the challenges in western society.  The main objectives of ACEP are:

  •   To guide our younger generation as pious Muslims and useful citizens of Australia.
  •    Provide opportunities for adults to learn and improve religious and community education.
  •    Provide a meeting place for adults to engage in social activities and foster unity.


ALMA Community Education Program (ACEP) Subcommittee (2018/2020)

Br.Sithique Mohamed (Coordinator )
Br.Jafran Anzar
Dr.Ajwad Seyed
Br.Maleek Jamaldeen
Br.Mohamed Kiyas 
Br.Ahamed Nizar
Br.Anwar Sadath Yaseen
Sis.Zakia Rizvi
Sis.Jahana Hamees
Sis.Ruzna Ajwad
Sis.Zakiya Jiffry 
Sis.Naseeha Mohamed
Sis.Nisha Faizal
ALMA President
ALMA Secretary