ALMA Eid ul Adha Dinner Celebrates 20 Years of Community Education Program


Granville, NSW – The ALMA Eid ul Adha Dinner took place on Saturday, 15 July 2023, at the Granville Centre, marking a joyous celebration of Eid and commemorating the 20th anniversary of the ALMA Community Education Program (ACEP). The event was attended by our community members who came together to enjoy a night filled with festivity and reflection.


The evening commenced with an opening speech by ALMA President, Br. Rizme Cassim, who warmly welcomed all the guests.  Br. Rizme highlighted the significance of this year’s Eid celebration, as it coincided with the 20th anniversary of ACEP, a cornerstone of the ALMA community. He expressed his gratitude for the program’s growth and success over the years.

Brother Mohamed Fazli, one of the founding members and former Director of ACEP, took the audience on a journey through the program’s inception in 2003 with just a few students. He shared how ACEP has evolved over time, offering regular weekend classes on Quran Recitation and Islamic studies. ACEP not only provides essential Islamic knowledge to children but also fosters a sense of community cohesion and collective success. Over the years, the program has nurtured lifelong friendships among the children, enabling them to develop both professionally and spiritually. The community now boasts over half a dozen Quran Hafizs and Hafizas, a testament to ACEP’s enduring impact.


Following Brother Fazli’s inspiring speech, ACEP students captivated the audience with their remarkable performances, including soulful renditions of Nasheed (Islamic songs). To add to the entertainment, a trivia session was organized, allowing guests to form teams and engage in friendly competition.


The ALMA Eid ul Adha Dinner received generous support from the Barilla Pasta Company, which distributed gift bags filled with their products to all participants. The gesture added an extra touch of delight to the occasion, no doubt the attendees will be trying new recipes shown on the commercial advertisement.  


The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the delicious buffet dinner, featuring a diverse selection of traditional foods. Guests indulged in a spread that satisfied both their taste buds and cultural cravings

As the event drew to a close around 10:30 PM, the attendees’ presence not only enhanced the overall enjoyment but also reinforced the bonds within the community. The ALMA Eid ul Adha Dinner served as a platform for community members to strengthen their connections and foster a deeper sense of togetherness.

The ALMA Eid ul Adha Dinner left an indelible impression on all who attended, serving as a reminder of the importance of unity, education, and celebration within the community. With the 20th anniversary of ACEP as a testament to its achievements, ALMA looks forward to continuing its efforts in empowering the community and nurturing future generations with Islamic knowledge and values.