ALMA Sends Off Record Number of Pilgrims in Hajj Send-Off Event


Auburn, NSW – The ALMA Hajj Send-Off Event held on Sunday, 4th June 2023, at Auburn Town Hall was a momentous occasion as a record number of individuals embarked on their sacred journey of Hajj. The event, organized by ALMA Exco as part of its annual program, aimed to express heartfelt wishes and bid a fond farewell to the members of the community who were embarking on this life-changing pilgrimage. Commencing at 5:30 PM, the event brought together over 100 attendees in a spirit of unity and support.




Sheikh Mohammed Yaquob, served as the main speaker of the event. Sheikh Yaquob emphasized the significance of performing Hajj and its rituals. His enlightening speech shed light on the spiritual and transformative nature of the pilgrimage, inspiring the attendees to reflect on the immense blessings and responsibilities associated with this sacred journey.

Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Mecca, is considered a unique opportunity and a deeply significant event in the lives of Muslims. The pilgrimage is granted to only a select few fortunate individuals, and the ALMA Hajj Send-Off Event recognized the importance of this milestone in the lives of the pilgrims. It provided an occasion for the community to gather and collectively convey their well-wishes, prayers, and support to those embarking on this spiritual journey.