ALMA’s Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fundraiser a Resounding Success


AUBURN, Date 22 February – ALMA is delighted to announce the overwhelming success of the Turkey and Syria relief fundraiser initiated, following the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria. Thanks to the incredible generosity and compassion of our community members, we have collected an astounding amount of $11,000 in donations. We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who contributed, as your kind-heartedness and willingness to help those in need have made a significant impact.


The collected funds have been promptly handed over to Human Appeal International, a highly regarded charitable organization known for its dedication to providing aid and support to those affected by crises. Human Appeal International will ensure that the funds are distributed expediently to those most in need. It has been decided that 50% of the collected funds will be directed towards Turkey, while the remaining 50% will be allocated to Syria. These funds will be utilized to provide emergency relief, aiming to alleviate the suffering of the affected populations. We pray that Almighty Allah grants comfort and solace to those who have endured such hardships.


ALMA Exco expressed their sincere appreciation to every individual who contributed to this fundraiser. The letter sent to the community members stated “ Your selflessness and generosity have demonstrated the true spirit of compassion and solidarity. May Allah (SWT) shower you with abundant blessings in this world and the hereafter for your acts of kindness. May He bestow upon you and your families good health, happiness, and prosperity.  Without your assistance, such charitable endeavors would not be possible. Your dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others serves as an inspiration to us all”.


ALMA would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to everyone for their unwavering support and cooperation.