With the successful conclusion of the ALMA Family Fun Day on 18th December,  EXCO extended their most sincere appreciation and thanks for all the support and encouragement that immensely contributed towards making this function a great success. What was pleasing to note was the extensive participation of enthusiastic members and their families and the positive feedback from the community.

All the participants, especially the children, enjoyed every bit of the occasion, and  hope that future events will receive continued support and cooperation from the community.   ALMA received many constructive comments about the event, which encourages and strengthens ALMA’s resolve to organise more events in the future.

Once again, ALMA EXCO would like to thank all members who attended and those who could not attend due to prior commitments. As witnessed in this event, the overwhelming participation of the community members would significantly contribute towards uniting, building goodwill and promoting community spirit within ALMA as an inclusive organisation.

ALMA EXCO extend their appreciation for all  members who volunteered to support and assist in managing this function, without which we would not have achieved the success it deserved.