ALMA held its 31st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 30 September 2022, marking a significant milestone for the organization. As an election year, the Independent Election Board (IEB) managed the election process as per the ALMA Constitution, electing the new office bearers and Executive Committee members nominated by the members. The newly-elected committee will manage the affairs of ALMA for a two-year term, spanning 2022-2024, while the trustees will hold their positions for three years until 2025.

The AGM took place at the Granville Town Hall, located at 10 Carlton Street, Granville. Members of ALMA were present at the event to witness the election process and celebrate the new committee members. The meeting was presided over by the IEB, who ensured that the process was fair and transparent, in line with the ALMA Constitution.

It is worth noting that all the Executive Committee members who were nominated by the members were elected to their respective positions uncontested. This outcome indicates a strong level of confidence and trust from the members in the capabilities of the nominated individuals. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the previous committee, which has ensured the smooth functioning of ALMA over the years.

The newly elected committee members are now tasked with taking forward the vision and mission of ALMA, continuing the work of the previous committee in promoting the interests of its members and advancing the cause of the organization. They will be responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of ALMA, overseeing its various programs and initiatives, and ensuring that the organization stays true to its core values and principles.

In conclusion, the 31st AGM of ALMA has been a successful event, bringing together members and stakeholders to elect the new office bearers and Executive Committee members. The outcome of the election demonstrates the confidence and trust placed in the nominated individuals by the members. The new committee members will now work together to steer ALMA towards a brighter future, building on the foundations laid by their predecessors.


The Executive Committee Members for the term 2022-2024 are as follows:

Office Bearers:

  • President                 Mohamed Rizme Cassim
  • Deputy President      Fazal Bawa
  • Secretary                 Feroze Razik
  • Treasurer                 Abdul Nasar

Committee Members:

  • Afnan Fazli
  • Mumtaz Muhseen
  • Murad Hussain
  • Murshid Lahir
  • Ruvani Sathar
  • Safraz Sanoon
  • Shamil Hunaifa

The Trustees for the term 2022-2025

  • Azeem Nilar
  • Rizve Fareed
  • Ubaidur Rahmaan Mahmood

Auditor for the term 2022-2024
Uzair Magdon Ismail

Incoming President, Br. Mohamed Rizme Cassim, expressed his gratitude towards the outgoing President, Ubaidur Rahmaan Mahmood, his team, and the outgoing trustees for their service, the members of the IEB for facilitating the election process, and all the members who attended the AGM. He also thanked the community for their support and cooperation in driving and realizing ALMA’s vision, mission, and goals as a unified community. Br. Rizme emphasized the importance of continuing to work together towards achieving the organization’s goals.