ALMA’s ACEP Committee successfully organized an event to launch their annual magazine on the 11th of December at Auburn Town Hall. The magazine is published yearly by the ACEP Committee, and this year’s publication was delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the delay, there was an overwhelming response from current students and a dedicated team within ALMA to design and publish the magazine.

Director of ACEP Committee, Br. Mohamed Fazli expressed his gratitude towards the editorial committee for working hard to publish the magazine and to the students who contributed articles. He also thanked the sponsors and donors who generously gave financial support to cover the printing cost of the magazine and provide gifts for the event.

The event was a success, and it concluded with a light dinner for all participants. The annual magazine launch is an important event for ACEP as it showcases the hard work and dedication of the students and the committee. It also serves as a platform to highlight the importance of education and lifelong learning in Islam.

Overall, the launch of the ACEP annual magazine was a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in its production. The event showcased the importance of education and the value of community support in achieving our goals.