Due to ongoing Pandemic restrictions ALMA had to cancel the program that was organized at the Galapoli Masjid in Auburn, and instead ALMA organized  Zoom Eid Event.   The Eid on July 20th was celebrated by the members with their families within their homes, adhering to strict guideline imposed by the local Government.  After the Eid Salath Sheikh Yaqoub Shaheed Ali gave a Lecture/Bayan on Significance of Eidul Adha, followed by dua.

The ALMA eid event for the day was schedule as follows: 

  8.00 am – Takbeer

8.30 am  – Eid Salath

8.45 am – Lecture/Bayan 

9.00 am – Dua

9.10 am – Event end

Sheikh Yaquob, summarized the event starting from Prophet Ibrahim (AH) Journey with his wife, Hajarah (AH) and child Ismail (AH) to Makkah and leaving them fulfilling Allah SWT’s command. Sheikh explained the events led to Zum Zum spring and also scarifies of a sheep, a event that is commemorated among Muslims in every parts of the world.

The event concluded with a dua and also expressing greeting among members via zoom.

The event was participated by over 80, mix of families and individuals.