The ALMA ACEP Committee’s prize-giving event for children at the Auburn Town Hall on June 12th was a great success. The event was specifically organized for those children who missed out on the Eid Dinner. The event was graced by the presence of over 70 children participating in ACEP classes.

During the event, Brother Fazli, the Director of Studies, thanked all parents for their children’s participation in ACEP classes and activities. He emphasized the importance of continuing education, especially during these challenging times.

Two guest speakers were also invited to speak about the COVID-19 pandemic and the immunization program in Australia. The information provided was very useful to the ALMA community, as it helped to clear up any doubts and misconceptions being spread on social media platforms.

After the Isha Salatul al-Ghaib (Janaza Prayer), which is a prayer conducted for the recent demise of Brother Mowjood’s and Sister Shireen’s mothers, ALMA President Br. Ubaidur Rahman led the prayer and made dua for the diseased. The event was a reminder of the importance of community support during difficult times and the need to continue learning and educating ourselves about current issues.

The program for the day was as follows:

5:00 PM – Maghrib
5:10 PM – Qur’an studies
6:25 PM – Isha
6:35 PM – Salah al-Ghaib
6:45 PM – Public lecture  (COVID Pandemic)
7:15 PM – prize giving (Ramadhan comp + Tafsir comp)
8.00 PM – Light dinner
9.00 PM – Cleanup
9.30 PM – Close