The ALMA Eidul Fithr Dinner was held at Aburn Town Hall on 22nd May 2021 from 6.30 to 10.00 pm.

Alhamdulillah, the event was fully booked out as soon as the booking was opened just prior to the Eid festival.

Brother Afnan Fazli was the Master of Ceremony, backed by brother Murshid Lahir. 

With COVID-19 restrictions eased just after the Eid Festival, several community members expressed their desire to participate, however unfortunately, due  to the council placing a limit on the number of heads for the venue, the ALMA Dinner organizing committee had to make the decision to restrict the event to 220 heads.  

ALMA president , Ubaidul Rahman, explained the many activities that ALMA Exco has carried out over the last six months in his key note speech and called for unity amongst the community members and their support to make all future events a success.   The President said we should thank Allah SWT, for keeping us safe so far in Australia, and requested the members to make dua for the Sri Lankan families to ease their hardship and for the pandemic recovery.  President also thank the members for their generous contribution that was distributed in the form of ration worth over SL 1.5 million Rupees in Sri Lanka during the month of Ramadan.



The ACEP committee conducted the prize giving ceremony for children, and the Exco organized games and activities to entertain the attendees.  ACEP Director, brother Fazli thanked all the past ACEP students for their generous contributions towards buying prizes for the children.  

ALMA Secretary, brother Anwar Sadath, thanked the all Exco Members for planning and executing the event. Brother Anwar also expressed his deep gratitude to  all members who assisted in making the event a success.  Finally, he thanked the community who have actively supported  ALMA activities financially and by means of their participation.