Alhamdulillah, this year ALMA eid Prayer was held at the Galapoli Masjid in Auburn on 13th May.    

It is also in ALMA’s history having the Eid Celebrated in a masjid.  There were over 300 members and their families participated for the event.  

The Eid  salath was followed by greetings among families and friends and a light breakfast at the masjid courtyard.  

The Kuthba was conducted by the ALMA President, Ubaidul Rahman.    The Kuthba was on respecting parents and also  looking after parents at their old age, according to the Quran and the teaching of Prophet Muhammed S.A.W.   

Br. Ubaid made dua for Unity of Muslims, and ease of the suffering of Muslims around the world due to Covid19 or otherwise, and also for the Palestine people who are been oppressed severely at the moment.  

The event concluded at about 10.30 am in the morning.