With the  Ramadan month approaching soon the annual ‘Welcome Ramadan’ event along with ACEP Children’s Programmes were held on Saturday 03 April 2021, commencing at 5.00 PM at the Auburn Town Hall, 1, Susan St, Auburn

The agenda for the day was:

  • Performances by ACEP children
  • Speech by special guest 
  • Dinner

Tickets were nominally priced at: 

  • Adults and high school children $10. 
  • Primary school children $5

Due to COVID-19 restriction, only a limited number of tickets were sold, and requested to   confirm participation early by purchasing a ticket from one of the EXCO/ACEP committee members or through the ALMA portal (ALMA Event ticketson or before Friday, 2nd April 2021. 

The purpose of this program was to motivate members to prepare for month of Ramadan and raise funds for ACEP classes (to support hall bookings). Members were highly encouraged to attend this function and support the above cause.

This event turned out to be a full hall event and many enthusiastic children performed at the stage by reading Quran, Nasheed, speeches of importance of Ramadan etc 

The guest speaker for this event was Dr. Aflah Roohullah   and his speech was broadcast live via zoom link.

Dr. Aflah Roohullah is the Director of Medical Oncology at Liverpool Hospital. He is a Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an and an active Da’wa worker in Sydney. He regularly delivers the friday Khutba sermon at the Liverpool Hospital masjid. Dr. Aflah has given a lecture at an ALMA event before and therefore he is not a new face for many of us.

The event was concluded with dua at about 9.30 pm.