Fasting and Dua on 7th January for the Muslims in Sri Lanka

As part of our continuing actions against the forced cremation issue in Sri Lanka, ALMA in association with other Sri Lankan Muslim Organisations in Australia, have come to a collective decision to call upon members to fast and make Dua to seek Allah’s (SWT) forgiveness and guidance to resolve this issue. 

With this sincere intention, we humbly  request all Sri Lankan Muslims,  living in Sydney and other parts of Australia, to fast In sha Allah on  Thursday, 7 January 2021.

ALMA also had a great opportunity to reach out to the wider Muslim community in NSW through Voice of Islam – Muslim community radio 87.6 FM, where Br. Ubaidur Rahmaan was hosted to a live interview at 10.00 am this morning. The lively discussion started with the history of Muslims in Sri Lanka and how we have contributed and coexisted peacefully with the rest of the community for over a thousand years and we moved on to discuss the predicament that we are currently facing over forced cremation of Covid victims. We also explained the steps that we have taken so far over this issue including the planned car parade that we are organising Insha Allah and requested the support of the Muslim community living in NSW.
The interview lasted for almost 30 minutes and was well received, Alhamdulillah.