Walk and Talk -ALMA Health and wellbeing program at Auburn Park

ALMA started its first Walk and Talk program at Auburn park at 8.00am on the 13th December. Though the weekend forecast was for a wet day, Alhamdulillah the weather was refreshing with blue skies and a slight chill breeze.

The event was also the first time ALMA utilised new digital RSVP via a web-link to confirm participation – a step forward in managing events planning and logistics. The new system has provided the events management team greater ease and certainty over planning with over 90%of registered RSVPs turning up to the event.

The President, Ubaid ur Rahman, welcomed the participants and stated, this activity is part ofthe ALMA Health and Wellbeing program, first of its kind, and stated ALMA will try its best to make it a monthly event.


Islam is a complete way of life. This should remind us that there is no aspect of our lives in which we do not apply our faith and beliefs – including looking after our physical health.   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help us to carry out our acts of worship properly, such as  prayer, fasting and the Hajj pilgrimage.

There are many hadiths from which we can learn about fitness and exercise from the Islamic perspective.  

Aisha (RA) said that, “I raced with the Prophet and I beat him. Later, when I had put on some weight, we raced again and he won. Then he said, “This cancels that (referring to the previous race).” ” (Sahih Bukhari)

Br. Jabir Cader, led the team with a brief warming up and stretch exercise, and most participants completed the walk that was approximately 3 km passing a creak, bush and playground. Children also had a great time playing at the park.

The participants ended the day having a traditional treat of “Kiri Bath” (milk rice), mung bean and fruits, organized by the ALMA sports committee.

InshaAllah, the next event is scheduled for February, but it may be brought forward to January as many participants appreciated the benefits of connecting with nature, physical exercise and friends

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