ALMA executive committee met the newly appointed Consul General of Sri Lanka, Mr Lakshman Hulugalle, on 27 of November, at his office in Sydney. The primary purpose of this meeting was to congratulate him on his appointment and to enhance the relationship between the consulate office and ALMA.

Consul General welcomed the EXCO members attended and said that he is here to serve the Sri Lankan citizens regardless of their race, Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim.

Mr Hulugalle mentioned that he has very close ties with his Muslim friends in Sri Lanka and was highly appreciative of the attendance of Muslim women that attended. He has the vision to establish a strong business community comprising of Sri Lankans in Australia. He wants to give his fullest support for such an initiative, to which he believes that the local Sri Lankan community should play an important role and take the ownership to maintain the continuity of such programs as the appointment of consul generals are not permanent.

We, the Exco, explained our activities, the long term relationship and collaboration with the consulate office and the successive consul generals of the time.

We also raised concerns about the ongoing Janaza cremation issue in Sri Lanka. We mentioned that the president in his capacity could address this sensitive and burning issue of Sri Lankan Muslims and make this opportunity to bring about harmony among all the communities in Sri Lanka.

We invited the consul general for dinner with our community members, to which he positively responded and mentioned he is pleased to meet the community. Insha Allah, ALMA will organise such an event in the near future.